Safe and sustainable transportation is gaining recognition as essential for delivery of the Global Goals development priorities; efforts to combat climate change and to achieve the objectives set by the Paris Agreement; and the Habitat III ‘new urban agenda’.

Yet while the vital role for provision of safe, low-carbon transport, accessibility for low income and vulnerable groups, and strategic urban planning are becoming recognised, the specific mobility needs and rights of children lack a voice. This is the role the Global Initiative for Child Health & Mobility is designed to fill.

Hosted at, and coordinated by, the FIA Foundation, the Global Initiative focuses on three key rights of the child:

  • Safe, accessible, low-carbon mobility to promote equity and combat poverty;
  • Clean air and a healthy environment;
  • The role of safe and healthy mobility in enabling the right to an education.

Through delivery of Global Goal targets 3.6 (road safety); 3.9 (air quality); 11.2 (safe & sustainable urban mobility); & 11.7 (safe, green & accessible public space), our mission:

To build a coalition of country and donor support for the objective of a safe and healthy journey to school for all children by 2030 through promotion of ‘safe system’ transportation design and urban planning; promoting safe footpaths, cycle lanes and lower vehicle speed limits; legislation and interventions for motorcycle helmet and seat belt use and safe & affordable public transport; and supporting policy and technical interventions to bring air quality levels within World Health Organization guidelines.

“To be able to get a child to school safely can be done, it is done in many places, but it requires actual decisions that it is to be done.”

Dr William Foege, Senior Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

India: one family, and the aftermath of a road traffic fatality

In India, road traffic injuries and air pollution exact a high price in human health. This short film tells the story of one Indian family bereaved of a child in a road crash; the Save the Children activists working with children to uncover the risks they face going to school; and the hospitals struggling to cope with the flow of injured from the busy streets of Delhi.