#EveryLife Declaration:

Every child has the right to a safe environment.

Yet every day thousands are killed or maimed by road traffic; millions breathe toxic air. Young lives are being damaged and destroyed, often on the way to or from school. This must change. Every journey a child makes should be safe and healthy.

Now, with the #EveryLife Declaration we are advocating for six rights of the child to be made real on every street, in every city.

Join our campaign. Fight for #EveryLife.

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Rights of the child


"I know what it’s like to lose a child. No parent, no family, should have to suffer such pain. My daughter, Zenani Mandela, was killed in a road crash just after her 13th birthday. Her life was taken away, just as it was beginning.

Every day, thousands of families around the world suffer as mine has, their loved ones killed or seriously injured on the roads. Road traffic is a growing threat to our children: injury is combining with respiratory disease from toxic emissions to pose an unacceptable health burden upon our young. We have the solutions and we know exactly how to save lives. We know how to protect our children and keep them healthy. Yet far too little is being done. This is why we’ve launched the #EveryLife campaign. We’re calling for action to uphold fundamental child rights that are being violated every single day. Every child must have the right to safe and healthy streets, to reach school without facing the violence, and the daily harm caused by road traffic. No child should be robbed of their future. Let’s join the call for action now. For every child, and every life."

Zoleka Mandela, #EveryLife campaign ambassador