Every child has the right to healthy development and an education.

But every day more than 3000 children and adolescents – a toll equivalent to the student population of two large schools – suffer a road traffic death or serious injury. Road danger and air pollution blight the school journeys and lives of millions more. The health burden to children caused by motorised traffic constitutes a major obstacle to child development and an unacceptable and preventable human tragedy.

Every child deserves a safe and healthy journey to and from school. The Child Health Initiative is a coalition of organisations and agencies coming together to advocate and work for this vision to become reality by 2030. Practical and cost-effective solutions are available, and can be delivered with sufficient political will.

With a focus on policies for sustainable transportation; road safety; clean fuels and vehicles; and equitable urban development, we advocate for, and support practical activities to deliver, these Rights of the Child:


Our mission: a safe and healthy journey to and from school for every child by 2030.

Our global partnership for children – see examples of how and where we work around the world.