Every year, an estimated 250,000 children and adolescents are killed in road traffic crashes. A similar number die from the effects of urban outdoor air pollution, to which road traffic is a significant contributor and factor. Road traffic is now the leading cause of death for children over the age of five and for adolescents, worldwide.

The β€˜This Is My Street’ campaign, launched and led by the Child Health Initiative, seeks to tackle the appalling policy dysfunction and neglect that results in this unacceptable health burden.

Our 2030 Manifesto
We will campaign in support of the SDG agenda to transform our streets:
Every child and adolescent can expect a safe and healthy journey to school.
Streets where children mix with traffic have a default speed limit of no more than 30km/h.
Every urban street has a viable footpath and protected at-grade crossings.
Every city has set an ambitious target for protected cycle lanes.
A global adolescent summit to prioritise sdg action on adolescent health and rights.

Join the Campaign

These are our streets. We can transform how they are designed and used, to protect our children, young people and the climate. Join our campaign for action and endorse the 2030 Manifesto!

If you would like to get more involved, head over to our campaign site at www.mystreet.org to see how you can advocate in your community, join our #thisismystreet global community, help to persuade politicians of the need for change, and fight for children, youth and our climate.

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Child Health Initiative Global Ambassador, Zoleka Mandela (centre) with State Secretary of the Ministry for Infrastructure, Sweden, Mattias Landgren (left) and FIA Foundation Chairman Lord Robertson of Port Ellen (right) at This is My Street, Safe and Healthy Journeys for Children and Youth, in Stockholm, Sweden, an official pre-event of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.

"These are our streets, yet our children face the threats of poisonous air, road traffic injury and a changing climate. We urge them to be more physically active, but our cities do not enable safe walking and cycling.

My grandfather, Nelson Mandela, knew a bit about difficult challenges. As he famously said: β€œIt always seems impossible, until it is done.” What lies in front of us may be difficult, but it is far from impossible. This is a man-made epidemic, and we have in our hands the tools to defeat it.

We must turn the corner. In the name of my daughter Zenani, and all the other children and youth killed or injured since 2010, and the ones we can yet save in the future, we must organise to ensure adolescents are prioritised, and use the speed vaccine to deliver a true revolution transforming our streets from places of danger to places of freedom."

Zoleka Mandela,
Global Ambassador, Child Health Initiative