Filming Brief: Call to action for adolescents and youth – Have your say

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This International Youth Day, PMNCH in collaboration with the Child Health Initiative, want to amplify voices from the global adolescent and youth community on the leading issues impacting adolescents’ lives and highlight the transformative power of meaningful adolescent and youth engagement at every level.

There are 1.2 billion adolescents aged 10 to 19 globally. The health and well-being of adolescents, now and in their adult lives, depend on their education, skill development, employability and access to high-quality health services. Adolescents also need a supportive environment that helps them to stay healthy and empowered, embrace gender equality norms and claim their rights.

In failing the ‘SDGs’ Generation, the whole of society is losing out. We cannot achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without investing in, and responding to, the needs of adolescents or without the meaningful engagement of young people.

Every adolescent has the right to a safe and healthy environment – including the right to food, water, safe streets, housing as well as physical security – and also the right to claim education, skills and competencies and access the services they need.

Also, every adolescent should have self-esteem, a sense of agency and be able to make meaningful choices. Every adolescent should have the capability to be socially, culturally and civically active. And equipped to contribute to change and development in their own lives and communities.

We want to hear from you. What is your call to action for leaders globally? What issues do you want tackled as a priority, especially in the wake of COVID-19? We are asking young leaders everywhere to record video statements, to amplify the importance on the biggest issues impacting adolescents’ lives today.

Here are a number of questions to act as a guide, that can help with forming a statement. You may pick or choose some of these, or you may wish to speak unguided.

  • What issues are you currently campaigning on for the SDGs?
  • What is your main priority for adolescent well-being?
  • How and why should leaders meaningfully engage young people in decision-making? How can this accelerate action for the adolescent agenda?
  • What barriers to meaningful engagement with policy-makers have you faced?
  • What challenges, or opportunities, has COVID-19 brought to you and your community? What do you see as the specific challenges for adolescents?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted adolescents and youth in the following areas?
    1. education
    2. good health and nutrition
    3. safe and supportive environments
    4. safe and sustainable mobility
    5. your networks and your ability to participate in society
    6. your resilience and agency
    7. opportunity and employment
  • What investments should governments make right now for adolescents?
  • Why are you calling for action on adolescent health and well-being?

Format and location:

The filming does not need to be professional, although we can look into technical support if you do not have access to a smart phone. When using your phone to film, please film in landscape mode if possible but we can also work with portrait mode as well. If it is safe to film outside, please do so. We are hoping to see some of the street scenes behind you. The shorter and snappier the statements, the better. Please test the sound and make sure the noises behind you are not too loud and distracting .If so, then best to do it inside in a quiet area.

You may wish to record one statement, or send separate videos that cover different questions above. Individual videos should not be longer than 1 minute, but you can send multiple if you wish.
Finished clips can be sent by whatsapp to +44 7894129339, via wetransfer or dropbox to

Finished packages or edited clips will be shared with you in advance, and we hope to coordinate the launch of clips on social with you for maximum impact.

Usage and consent:

We would like to use the statements to promote the adolescents 2030 campaign,, in conjunction with the organising groups as part of the coalition. The clips will be used to elevate adolescent interventions to achieve the SDGs, from international youth day into UN General Assembly. The clips will be edited together for social media and for use at events in August and September.


As this is an ongoing project we would love to have some clips for International Youth Day, but are also grateful to receive more clips over the next month to continue to build momentum into September and beyond.

We are accepting video clips on a rolling basis until August 31st.

Join the global conversation:

Have your say on August 14th as the global youth community comes together to share opportunities and challenges to meaningful youth participation and calls for action on the biggest issues impacting adolescents and youth.

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