Improving road safety for children around schools

Partners: WRI is working with the Shanghai City Government, police, NGOs, and other stakeholders to improve road safety for children around schools and throughout the city.

WRI carried out road safety inspections to identify the most critical traffic safety risks for school children, such as high-speed vehicles and scooters, unsafe and unsignalized crosswalks in front of schools, wide intersections and unorganized pick-up and drop-off processes that created conflict between vehicles and students.

Then, the organization provided policy and design recommendations to improve safe crossings and routes to schools for three roads around schools, implemented in 2017. The government is mainstreaming safe infrastructure in street reconstruction plans. WRI is advising the city on strategies and design to improve bicycle lanes, pedestrian walkways, and pedestrian crossings, improving safety for all children in Shanghai. 

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Safe Kids China, in partnership with the local police, road traffic engineers, teachers, parents and other stakeholders, are working on school zone modifications in the Huamu community of Shanghai. The project works toward lowering the speed limit around the Huamu Central School that is attended by over 500 students. The project includes the installation of high visibility speed limit and school zone signs, the creation of a designated student pickup area and enforcement of no-parking areas to alleviate congestion around the school. At the school zone of Hai Tong Lu Primary school, a crossing walk that most students must cross has been improved as well, which benefits approximately 1,000 students at the school.

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City: Nanba, Sichuan Province

AIP Foundation - Walk Wise

AIP Foundation currently collaborates with Chevron to implement a community road safety initiative, Walk Wise, at primary and secondary schools and communities in Nanba. Walk Wise utilizes a multifaceted approach to improve the community’s road safety environment through a series of interventions, including: student education, community-based communications campaigns, low-cost infrastructure modifications, and government capacity building.

Since its founding in 2012, Walk Wise has worked directly with 156,637 students across 102 schools in Sichuan Province.