WRI Mexico : Making Colima a city safe for children-safe through reducing speed

As part of the GRSP-led Botnar Challenge, WRI Mexico in Colima is collaborating with the Secretaría de Movilidad - State Government of Colima, and FedEx. The project aims to reduce travels speed through infrastructure modifications around schools (focusing on schools/playgrounds along the corridor with the highest recorded speeds in the city), in conjunction with legislative changes (via the revised regulations setting new speed limits in the state/municipality) and engagement of enforcement stakeholders in the city.


Refleacciona/Céntrico: Children designing the city: Road safety route Culiacán

As part of the GRSP-led Botnar Challenge, Refleacciona con Responsabilidad, A.C., is working alongside Céntrico, the Instituto Municipal de Planeación Urbana (IMPLAN), Autotraffic SA, and Díaz Salazar & Asociados in the city of Culiacán. They aim to improve the safety of children on the roads of Culiacán through an evidence-based approach that incorporates safer road infrastructure, improved law enforcement and municipal level leadership for road safety. They will also engage and train media on improved reporting of child road safety issues, with the objective of increasing knowledge and support from the community for the modifications.


Mexican Red Cross: A Safe Route to School for Children in Querétaro City

As part of the GRSP-led Botnar Challenge, the Mexican Red Cross is collaborating with the Secretaría de Mobilidad – Querétaro and AXA Insurance Company. They aim to provide safe routes to school for up to five schools in the city of Querétaro through changes in infrastructure, raising community awareness of road safety issues through media engagement, and improving the capacity of government authorities to apply road safety best practices in the post-crash phase including data collection as well as speed enforcement (by the police).


Pilot Project: "Boys and Girls Go First!"

With support from Fondation BOTNAR, WRI is working with the Colima city government on “Boys and Girls Go First!.” The pilot project focuses on a high risk street with four schools. WRI’s road safety inspection identified insufficient crossings and areas where vehicles ignored crossings, and there was a lack of lighting and traffic signals, a lack of street markings, and high vehicle speeds. Solutions will be tested through meetings with residents, publicity campaigns, tactical urbanism and new street designs to extend curbs, improving visibility and reducing crossing distances.

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