Peer learning and Youth Activism: the role of Young Road Inspectors

With the support of EASST, since 2014 the Young Generation of Tajikistan has implemented road safety projects in Tajikistan to reduce child injuries and fatalities. They educated hundreds of school children in Dushanbe and developed an innovative ‘Youth Road Inspectors’ programme.

Pupils selected as Young Road Inspectors, along with teachers, in each school are taken through a two-day road safety train the trainers programme using the EASST Road Safety Education Pack. The teachers then mentor the Road Inspectors as they implement their own Work Plan to improve road safety around their school. This involves training their fellow pupils on the importance of road safety, with more than 2500 young people being trained by their peers to date, as well as initiating and managing their own road safety campaigns.

In addition, EASST has been working with the Young Generation of Tajikistan and FIRE AID and International Development since 2016 to improve local capacity for emergency post-crash response by providing ethical and sustainable donations of fire and rescue aid and training to local emergency services.