WRI conduct road safety inspections to identify schools in four high risk districts

Partners: The Safe Routes to Schools programme was established by Save the Children and WRI in partnership with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

WRI conducted road safety inspections to identify schools in four high risk districts. Risks included wide and complex intersections, high vehicle speeds (over 80 km/h), no traffic calming measures, unsafe crossings, and a lack of school zone markings or signs. WRI recommended infrastructure improvements to improve child visibility and reduce car speeds, and is working with the BMA to support implementation and collect data to improve understanding of the current situation and impact of the changes. Additionally, Save the Children is providing motorcycle helmets to students and teachers, spreading awareness of the importance of helmets and road safety.



Save the Children - 7% Project

Contributing partner: AIP Foundation

Save the Children’s 7% Project aims to reduce child motorcycle injuries by increasing helmet usage. Using a behaviour influence methodology, young ambassadors are empowered to impart information and influence their fellow students to wear helmets on their journeys to and from school.


AIP Foundation - Street Wise

In Thailand, as a result of road crashes an estimated 2,600 children are killed and 72,000 are injured every year. To combat this, AIP Foundation partnered with Chevron Thailand for the Street Wise project, which provides road safety education to students, parents, teachers, ang community members from 11 primary schools in Songkhla province. These trainings accompanied a community-wide public awareness campaign, donations of over 3,000 helmets to students, and development of a student road safety ambassador program. As a result:

  • Student helmet use across program schools increased from 3% to 55%
  • Student road safety knowledge (when surveyed about topics such as crossing the street and stopping) saw increases to 98%
  • 260 teachers participated in master trainer courses
  • 4,600 parents participated in road safety trainings